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Send an email to GitLab, specifying the source branch name in the email subject line, and GitLab will automatically create the merge request for you. Find the special (and unique-to-you) email address for a given project by clicking the link at the bottom of the project merge requests page. Before creating a merge request within a configured Work Item, you should have already created your branch in GitLab and committed the changes to your local branch using git command line or Open the Work Item associated with the changes in Polarion. Scroll down to the Merge Request section.The following examples show how to use org.gitlab.api.GitlabAPI. These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example. You may check out the related API usage on the sidebar.

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We have started using gitlab ce for some small projects we are working on . Everything seems to be great but for the lack of an approve button on creating a merge request . There is no gate to restrict users from pushing their code to master . And even after making branches protected developers and...
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When a merge request is created or updated (See pipelines for merge requests). In the example below, job will run only for refs that start with issue In the scenario above, if a merge request is created or updated that changes either files in service-one directory or the Dockerfile, GitLab creates...
I'm working towards implementing Gitlab at my company with a workflow strategy. My idea is that developers will be given access to repositories but, anytime they try to commit, their code must be reviewed. I know I can have them create a branch before committing, and then create a Merge Request after it's been pushed to the repo.
GitLab EE/CE 8.17 to 12.9 is vulnerable to information leakage when querying a merge request widget
For example, an API call to retrieve a ticket with an invalid ID will return a HTTP 404 status code to let you know that no such ticket exists. 405: Method not allowed: This API request used the wrong HTTP verb/method. For example an API PUT request on /api/v2/tickets endpoint will return a HTTP 405 as /api/v2/tickets allows only GET and POST ...
Quick Start Example. Central features of gitlabr. API calls. gitlab_connection can take arbitrary parameters, returning a function that issues API requests with these parameter values set. For combining so created gitlab connections with the convenience functions to perform common tasks...
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  • Merge Requests 1. Documentation and source samples for REST API used to control AJA embedded products with network control interface. Copy SSH clone [email protected]:pub/rest_api.git.
  • GitLab Community Edition. Open source software to collaborate on code. Manage Git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure. Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests. Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.
  • # make an API request to create the gl.user object. This is mandatory if you # use the username/password authentication. gl.auth(). The following example will only make one API call to the GitLab server to star a project (the previous example used 2 API calls)
  • GitLab Site for DISCL. Branches API This API operates on repository branches.. TIP: Tip: See also Protected branches API. List repository branches Get a list of repository branches from a project, sorted by name alphabetically.
  • GITLAB_API_URL=your-gitlab-instance GITLAB_API_TOKEN=your-gitlab-token GITLAB_DEFAULT_PROJECT_ID=project-id-on-gitlab The most commom command is used to create Merge Request from current branch. If you type the foloowing command: php artisan gitlab:mr.

When creating a PR in Azure DevOps, some branches can be protected with branch policies to check for linked work items. Creating a work item in Azure DevOps is beyond the scope of Renovate This is caused by a race condition in GitLab's Merge Request API - read the corresponding issue for details.

diff --git a/lib/api/triggers.rb b/lib/api/triggers.rb index d1d07394e92847bae0e4c7ee8efd4f4914e8ee4a..9a4f1cd342f2208749fd50bd6f613b6c8c00a7f8 100644 --- a/lib/api ... Nov 13, 2013 · We will add a sample project to our GitLab repository so we can see some of the features available when a project has a history and many commits. Go through the procedure to create a new project. Call it “Rails”. This time, click “Import existing repository” link. We will be using Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial sample application.
understanding gitlab roles. Last edited by Will Hall 4 years ago. This is important to consider as generally (depending upon your workflow) you will want to restrict merge access to your master branch to A guest can simply view a project, its code and issues but not create any changes or issues.Creating merge requests. Learn how to create a merge request. Reviewing and managing merge requests. See the features at your disposal to review and manage merge requests. Testing and reports in merge requests. Learn about the options for testing and reports on the changes in a merge request. Authorization for merge requests ce-use-merge-request-pipeline-with-change-detection-docs ce-use-merge-request-pipeline-with-change-detection-qa ce-geo-use-merge-request-pipeline-with-change-detection

Creating merge requests. Learn how to create a merge request. Reviewing and managing merge requests. See the features at your disposal to review and manage merge requests. Testing and reports in merge requests. Learn about the options for testing and reports on the changes in a merge request. Authorization for merge requests

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Getting started GraphQL reference Create audit report (example ... for the GitLab API can be grouped ... improvement in a merge request Create an issue to ...